Dadaocheng Wharf is functioning primarily now as a ferry port, and in the past it was one of the main shipping ports for Taipei City. Since the opening of the Tamsui River as the new commercial port, Dadaocheng Wharf became a transit station of the merchants to manage their products transportation and transactions. And foreign merchants began setting up satellite offices of their Tamsui operations, especially in tea, cotton, and silk textile trade. Hence, Dadaocheng Wharf at that time was the most popular . However, During the Japanese Colonial period when the railway system was established, no longer the center of the city, Dadaocheng Wharf began to fade away from its glory.

In recent years the Taipei City Government, hoping to revive Dadaocheng Wharf, organized parks and bicycle trails along the river banks. And here is also home to a yearly fireworks show taking place over the Tamsui River. Sometimes any other large outdoor activities are held in Dadaocheng Wharf by the Taipei City Government, such as love song concert for celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Of particular interest to travelers is the fact that Dadaocheng is a functioning ferry pier. Traveling to or from Tamsui by ferry is a very unique experience, and it can help travelers avoid the crowding on the MRT during rush hour. Tamsui ferry service is only available on weekends, and it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance because they sell out frequently. 

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