As you make your way south up Dihua Street in Da-Dao Cheng, you might notice that there are more and more Chinese medicine stores on the Dihua Street. Ideally situated along the Tamsui River, Da-Dao Cheng was popular with merchants from mainland China, who would sail up the river and settle down at the Da-Dao Cheng Port nearby. As more and more people come here, taking Da-Dao Cheng as their home, the need for medical services arose; besides, traditional Chinese herbal medicine is an integral part of Chinese life and the way Chinese people perceive health and treat illness. Because of this, from the proud traditions to the New century, Dihua Street of Taipei City has been the distribution center of groceries and traditional Chinese herbal medicines.



   There are more than 200 traditional Chinese herbal medicines you could find on the Dihua Street in Da-Dao Cheng according to the statistics currently. In addition to the use of traditional Chinese medicine can be used to treat diseases, it can also be used to cook soup or cooking as dietary supplementation or herbal tonics to enhance our health and strength. In particular, everyone has different constitution, so the appropriate Chinese medicine that different people require will be different.

    Because more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of healthy eating, and many often use Chinese herbs in their daily cooking to enhance nutritional value and flavor, the more and more Chinese medicine stores on Dihua Street began to sell a variety of Chinese medicine soup bags that have been properly weighed to make it easier for customers to buy and make the soup directly. By the way, at most the customers just add fresh pork ribs, chicken, or vegetables into the soup to make it more rich and delicious.