Yongle Fabric Market is a great place for fabric shopping in Taipei, although it may not be the in the center of commercial area in Taipei City anymore, and the Taiwan’s textile industry is not as important to Taiwan’s economy as it was a few decades ago;However, Yongle Fabric Market is still the significant place for professional designer and the textile industry.

Located next to Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple, Yongle Fabric Market was founded in 1908 and named the“Public Yongleding Foodstuff Market”. The surrounding area was a wholesale center of imported fabric in the Japanese Era, and after the Restoration in 1945, it carried on as Taiwan’s biggest fabric center with many traditional food delicacies and fresh produce sold alongside. The market’s exterior keeps its original red brick walls, attracting people to linger and soak in the atmosphere of the good old days! 

The Yongle Fabric Market is located on the second floor and on the third floor of a market center. It is a wonderland of fabrics, because each fabric stall is crunched up against each other , and each stall is with hundred types of textile products. On the third floor is where tailor shop is located, and where you can have your newly purchased fabrics made into products. Especially,  Several big names in the Taiwanese fashion industry, including Isabelle Wen, got their start in the area around Yongle Fabric Market, which is still home to many tailors, dressmakers and designers.

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