Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian Church

Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian Church was built in 1935 in Da-Dao Cheng to honor famous tea merchant and philanthropist Lee Chun-sheng, who is also known as the “godfather of Taiwanese tea leaves” . And Da-Dao Cheng was a well-developed and prosperous area in the early development history of Taipei City since the opening of Tamsui Harbor.

This church was also designated a city-level historic site in 2018, because it was considered that the building of the church links with developments in Taiwan’s transportation, postal services, expatriate movements and commerce from the Qing Dynasty to the Japanese colonial era. The two-story Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Church on Gueide Street was built in a Baroque style on the former site of Taiwan’s first post office, adding to the cultural and historic significance of the site.

Lee Chun-sheng, best known for his success in cultivating and selling tea leaves, helped then-governor of Taiwan Liu Ming-chuan build the nation’s first railroad, as well as pave the roads in Taipei’s Da-daocheng area.

The most interesting feature of this church is its remarkable front façade that looks like a face. The main doorway of the front façade resembles a mouth, and the two upper windows suggest eyes. And to create a solemn atmosphere, the windows are closed to block the external noise;hence, the windows of this church are actually false.