The classic songs such as "Wang Chun Feng", "Four Seasons Red" and "Break the Net" have been sung until now. These long-standing lyrics are well-known lyricist Li Linqiu sitting on a cool chair and watching the classic creations written by pedestrians and street lights. At that time, Li Linqiu created the scene, and now he can see it at the Dadao Park.
           The Taipei Municipal Government Cultural Bureau selected the Dadao Park in Li Linqiu's pre-life activities to set up a creative living statue to create the city's first song garden.
          At the opening ceremony of 2009/12/20, the mayor Hao Longbin and the famous sculpture master Pu Haoming participated. The Li Linqiu family was almost all present, and the statue was kissed and kissed. The people also rushed to take photos with the statue. Pu Haoming said that the blueprint of the sculpture is a photo of Li Linqiu sitting on the desk of the Tamsui River in front of Li Linqiu. In order to accurately capture the charm of Li Linqiu, he specially asked Li Linqiu's son Li Xiujian to return to the Danshui River as a model.